• 3 litre Hydration Reservoir(Microban)
    This hydration reservoir can be inserted into any MBSS backpack. It has a 3 litre capacity and has a temperature threshold of between -20 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius. It has a mouth piece with a quick-lock to prevent water from coming out . Everything is easy to clean and the tubing can be removed for a thorough clean also.
    NZ$ 31.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Hydration Tube Cover
    This Hydration Tube Cover can be used with any Hydration Backpack or Reservoir, that has a drinking tube. Simply pull the cover over the tube. It measures 76.5cm long.
    NZ$ 4.99
  • MBSS Hydration Backpack
    Rigid construction for protecting you water bladder from damage. The MBSS measures 40x20x8cm. A small opening at the top for the hydration tube to pass through. Has Velcro on the front to attach patches to. Extra pouch allows accessories to be carried. Use as a backpack or attach it to your vest by MOLLE, straps can be placed out of the way via a small compartment.
    NZ$ 79.99
    Pre Order
  • Able to be adjusted to 8 different directions. Can be attached to any part of the MOLLE webbing, 1', or 3/4' width webbing.
    NZ$ 3.99

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